Monday, 30 January 2012

Etsy Let's Talk: BNS

BNS Treasuries are everywhere, what exactly are they and why should I be concerned?

If you own an Etsy store, you should entertain the idea of trying BNS!

What is a BNS?
BNS stands for Buy 'N Stay. Simply put a BNS is a treasury that you purchase into a round.

Most BNS' are in rounds with 16 spots available for purchase. The curator (creator) will have rules/regulations for you to follow in order to purchase into the next round. The rules may vary from curator to curator don't be afraid to ask what those rules are! The rule might be that there is a minimum purchase with an amount: ex. $4.00 before shipping. This means that you must spend at least $4.00 on the item or more before the shipping charges in order to get a spot in the next round.
Another rule you will often see is the 'call out before you shop' which means ask the curator if you can shop a certain store. A lot of the time you will see call outs being done as a round is coming to an end.

This is an example of what a round looks like, as you can see there may not always be 16 spots available as a curator may wish to reserve spots for themselves, team members or people who invite the most to the BNS treasury. Often times you can win referral spots by having close friends go and visit the treasury leaving a comment like: example Hi ya! Bayleaf Buttons invited me
Round Example
Round 10 Line-up:
1- Bayleaf Buttons
2- YourShopNameHere



14- Team Volunteer
15- Referral Winner
16- Curator

What is the point?
 The point of a BNS is to network with other Etsians, chat & promote, have sales or purchase items and otherwise just enjoy yourself!

The great thing about a BNS treasury is that the people who are featured as well as the curator want the BNS to be a success so they will bring in as many people as possible to buy in, favourite, and promote. Which in turn means people are LOOKING at your shop (if you are featured in that round) and you may get a sale from the BNS.

If you don't have a sale in the BNS you bought into, don't worry some curators will have 'carry over' spots where if you do not sell during a round they will again be feature you in a future BNS (without having to make another purchase). Not all curators do this so make sure you find out! I haven't come across a curator who wasn't helpful in answering a question, they are there to ask. So if you don't know something ASK! :D

Let's say you buy into a round, you do not get a sale during that round and there isn't a carry over. Did you spent money for nothing? NO! You did purchase something, which if you purchase smartly it could be used as future gift for someone you know, you helped a handmade artist and most importantly you go your shop name out there. People do browse the shops while thinking about buying into a BNS and your shop stats will reflect that. A lot of times people will favourite an item instead of buy into the BNS...and if you didn't know when someone favourites an item, people in their circle see it-thus getting you exposure!

If you bounce around BNS you will start seeing familiar people and their shops... familiarity is a good thing-people will recognize you. When they need something you sell, they will most likely remember you first having seen you so much at the BNS'.
If  they don't: you have put your shop name out there and in turn people have noticed you an your shop stats will reflect that.

Side note: If your shop is new to Etsy and you currently don't have any feedback or sales. A BNS is a great way to increase that, the people who buy into BNS are shop owners themselves and they will leave feedback!

Okay, I am going to buy into a BNS, what else do I need to know?
Yay! You will need to check out the curators rules so that way you can successfully get into the BNS you want. As well you will need to post the shop, amount and transaction link of the item you purchased
Example. Bought from TREASURE2REMEBER
Spent $X.XX before shipping

One of the things that took me a while to figure out was where do you get this mystical transaction URL? It is really easy just not out in the open: Simple click on 'Your Account' then 'Purchases' click on the item (or items) and copy each of the URLs to get the transaction links. See below for a visual guide!
Click 'Your Account' then 'Purchases'
Click on the item or items you purchased to get the transaction URL.

This is the transaction URL that you will want to post on the BNS you've purchased from

Don't worry there is no personal information shared by giving out this link. It just shows that the item was purchased.

I hope this helps you in the way of BNS, if you have questions leave them in the comments and I will try to answer you! And if you are looking to try your hand at a BNS check out the PromoPros BNS account for upcoming BNS you can join in on, they are very friendly!

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