Sunday, 1 January 2012

How it's Made: Pinback button

Pinback buttons are not complicated to make!
There are 3 major components to making a pinback button, a SHELL, MYLAR, and PIN BACK (and of course your image).  
MYLAR is the protective covering that goes over the image to prevent damage.
SHELLS in essence are the lid of a pinback button, the image and Mylar rest on top of it.
PINBACKS are the 'back' of the button.
To make a pinback button you need Button Press along with the parts listed above. The Button Press has 3 distinct Dies meant for shaping (see the video for an example of how it works).

The first Die is called the 'Pick-up Die' where you put the SHELL, Image and MYLAR go. Pushing the lever down the third Die called the 'Upper Die' holds your SHELL, Image and MYLAR while you get ready to use the second Die.

Rotate to the second Die called the 'Crimp Die' which is where you place the PIN BACK. An easy way to tell the difference between the pick up and crimp is that the Crimp Die isn't on springs.

Finally if you push the lever down using the Crimp Die it shapes the SHELL around the PIN BACK and creates a pinback button.

Check out the video of our Button Press in action!

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