Sunday, 1 January 2012

Story Time: Craft Shows

     I have only done a handful of Craft Shows and I can think of one in particular that although horrifying is a great story.
     The second Craft Show I was involved in was run by our local Air Cadet Squadron. I arrived around 9:30 am which was the same time as everyone else they had a lot of fantastic vendors (I hope they do it again next year!). Here is where the funny horror sets in; The organisers were a few tables short so Bayleaf Buttons was given a round table, which fit our round pin theme perfectly. I finished setting up the table and sat down to wait for shoppers to arrive and out of the blue.
     The front set of legs on this table gave out and folded in without warning or anyone disturbing it, the entire room of vendors went quiet. I honestly was a little embarrassed having so many eyes on me-but hey they all knew that I was there after that! Nothing was broken or damaged, and all the surrounding vendors were kind enough to helping me pick everything up as well as re-sort. I ended up sending one of the Air Cadets outside to collect some rocks, putting them in these little turquoise bags and tying them to the front legs.

     My advice to anyone using supplied tables, perhaps sitting or vigorously jumping on the table would prevent table folding problems. Lesson learned!

If you are frequenter of Craft Shows and have an embarrassing story, feel free to share it in the comments :)

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