Friday, 20 January 2012

Story Time: Never Finish anything

If you didn't already know I am a bit of a 'crafter', I do sew (badly), knit and crochet. And as a 'crafter' I have the habit of not finishing things I start. For instance, in December I started knitting purple socks and then stopped and started a yellow scarf. That yellow scarf was stopped and a crochet scarf was started... and now I have made it my mission to finish these items before I attempt to start anything else!

For the last few weeks I have started finishing those purple socks which are now mittens. From socks to mittens does sound a little strange but I knit socks from the toe up and two at a time-so they morphed really nicely into mittens. Not only did I learn something new about making a thumb hole I am going to finish them!

If you are curious about learning to knit socks I highly recommend Liat Gat's website and techniques she is awesome. Because of her I will never EVER again knit socks one at a time or from the top.

Speaking of finishing things how about my point!  So of course in my mission to finish an item, guess what shows up in the mail today? My new set of crochet hooks that I ordered from Twpmango's shop on Etsy. They are so nice and all I want to do is use them!!! But it is my mission to finish these sock-like-mittens.

So tell me, do you ever have a problem with starting things and not finishing them?

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