Monday, 2 January 2012

Things I Have Bought Vol #1

When I first opened up my shop on Etsy back in May of 2011, I said that I wasn't going to be someone who spends all her money on other Etsy shops. Yeah-that lasted a few months and now I buy things from other shops on Etsy, which is good!!

This Christmas I made it my mission to buy some really unique items for my family and I thought where else better to look than on Etsy. Since Christmas has long been over I think it is safe to show you some of the amazing items and where you can get your own. 

1. Snow Flake & Keep Calm Glass Tile Pendants from Picture Perfect Pendants

These pendants were packaged so nicely that I didn't have to re wrap them! They arrived quickly and they were absolutely perfect; clear image smooth edges and seamless. I was very impressed and I know the people who received the gifts were too.

2.Lens Cap Keeper by Everleedesigns
One thing I hate being asked is 'Have you seen my lens cap?', you have no idea how many times the receiver of this gift has asked me that-well NOT anymore! Thanks to Megan over at Everleedesigns she has these awesome lens cap keeps, you attached the beaded end to your lens and fix the strap to the camera, you will never loose the cap again.

3. Mini Wood Snowflake Ornaments by TimberGreenWoods
These mini wood ornaments were the 'big item' for an Aunt. My Aunt's house features some really lovely woods and these fit her decor nicely, so you bet I bought a set. They came in the beautiful box seen in the image and they were so intricate not to mention affordable!! Something like this if you were to find it in a fancy boutique or gift shop you would pay an arm and a leg. My Aunt loved it, and I know whoever you give this item to will fall in love with it's mini charm.

4. Polka Dot Shower Cap by GiftCreation
Let me start of by saying I would not have thought you could purchase a handmade a shower cap from Etsy that would look this professional and durable. Seriously this purchase was a wonderful surprise, the craftsmanship in the shower cap was amazing and my gift receiver LOVED it. GiftCreation's shop is full of shower caps, knitwear and jewellery all of which I am sure is crafted a beautifully as the shower cap I bought.

5. Professor Moustache Cowl by Pip Robins Accessories
Speaking of well crafted items.... my next purchase from Pip Robins Accessories was a the Professor Moustache Cowl. Let me tell you it gets cold out where the receiver of this gift lives, so this was a no-brainer. Not only was this cowl handmade by a Canadian it was also free shipping!
What more can I say about this item other than it arrived fast, was very professional looking in its design and packaging. If you have a man in your life who is difficult to buy for Pip's store is where you should shop.

6. Embroidered Cards by Sandra's Card Shop
The finally item wasn't really a gift but it may as well have been for how unique and cute they were. I bought eight amazing hand embroidered cards from Sandra's Card Shop. Sandra herself was very fast to respond to my request for a few cards and she gave me a discount!
I gave these cards out to a few close friends as well as family and they loved them trust me if you have someone you need to impress during the holiday season get them one of these cards and write a thoughtful message inside-they will melt! Did I mention that the thread used to embroider these cards is metallic and very Christmassy!!
Currently Sandra has a few of these lovely Christmas themed cards in her clearance section so you can get a jump start on next year at a discount.

Thank you for reading and a special thank you to all the Etsy sellers I purchased from who made my Christmas a great success!

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