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Etsy Let's Talk: BNR

What is a BNR Treasury?!>

If you own an Etsy store, you should entertain the idea of trying BNR!

What is a BNR?

BNR stands for Buy 'N Replace.

BNR is a fast paced sister to BNS (read what a BNS is here).Every treasury has 16 spots where you would feature a shop. Much like a BNS you would purchase spot but instead of waiting for the next round you get in the current BNR! BNRs may be done in rounds but don't end when you fill all the spots--you simply replace the item with the new buyer's item! They can run anywhere from an hour to ten hours, it all depends on the curator!

The curator (creator) will have rules/regulations for you to follow in order to purchase into the BNR.
 The rule might be that there is a minimum purchase with an amount: ex. $4.00 before shipping. This means that you must spend at least $4.00 on the item or more before the shipping charges in order to get an immediate spot.

One thing that is very different from BNS is the 'Call out', in a BNR you MUST call out the shop you would like to purchase from. Because it is a Buy 'N Replace... the shop you purchase from you replace in the treasury.
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This is an example of a call out:

The curator will either tell you to go ahead or tell you that the shop has already been called out. Which means you will have to find another shop to buy from to get into the BNR. One important thing refresh often, BNRs are very very busy, they get a lot of traffic and you want to make sure you are seeing the most up to the minute comments. Very simple! :)

What is the point? 

Much like a BNS, the people involved in the BNR want to get their items sold so they will promote it, the curator will promote it and of course you will promote it! So that means a lot of traffic for the BNR, your shop because people will browse.

If you don't have a sale in the BNR, sometimes the curators will have 'carry over' spots for the next time they run the BNR. If you aren't sure, ask the curator!

Let's say you buy into the BNR and you don't sell.
You didn't waste your money, you get the item you have purchased and if you buy smart it can be used as a gift for someone you know! Not to mention you support handmade artists, and get traffic and views for your shop!

>> If your shop is new to Etsy and you currently don't have any feedback or sales. A BNR is an instant way to increase your sales and get some feedback. Because the people you are purchasing from are also sellers, and they usually leave feedback :) 

Buying into a BNR, I have called out what else do I need to know?
 Fantastic, you will need to check the curators rules if you already haven't. Once you have called out your spot and purchased your item you will have to post the store you bought from, the amount, and the transaction link (usually in all CAPITALS).
Example. Bought from SHOPA
Spent $8.55 before shipping

Also some Curators may ask you to post your special when you purchase. This just means post a coupon code if you have it and post the item you would like featured in a BNR. Or they may have a theme or colour scheme to the BNR and they will pick an item after you purchase that matches.

One of the things that took me a while to figure out was where do you get this mystical transaction URL? It is really easy just not out in the open: Simple click on 'Your Account' then 'Purchases' click on the item (or items) and copy each of the URLs to get the transaction links. See below for a visual guide!
Click 'Your Account' then 'Purchases'
Click on the item or items you purchased to get the transaction URL.

This is the transaction URL that you will want to post on the BNR you've purchased from

Don't worry there is no personal information shared by giving out this link. It just shows that the item was purchased.

I hope this helps you in the way of BNR, if you have questions leave them in the comments and I will try to answer you! And if you are looking to try your hand at a BNR, I am curating one right now, click here!

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