Saturday, 10 March 2012

Story Time: Macarons

You can never learn anything if you don't try.

Life is sweet (8x8" Fine Art Print) by Jackierueda
For the last few months I have seen these French Macarons, not be confused with the coconut version Macaroons. They look very yummy, and I haven't found a local place that sells/makes them. I mentioned them to my Mum and she said she has made them before, thus the challenge for this weekend began!

Turns out she made Macarons were more like meringue puffs either way she was my expert. I do quite a bit of baking and cooking but there are two things I cannot do. I can't make icing or meringue-not sure why but I often mess them up.

It had been quite a long time since she made these so we opted for a Martha Stewart recipe, which you can find here, to match our Martha Stewart kitchen cabinets.
Pathetic little macaron.

Everything was going really well until we discovered that we are out of parchment paper- and that is where the trouble started. I had to use tin foil with non-stick spray which of course made the bottoms of the macarons burn. And well that was the end of it really-after I burnt the bottoms I didn't see the point in failing to make icing to fill them in with. However we did have some pre-made cake icing in the fridge which I used to fill one.

Other than the hint of charcoal they actually tasted good. I may make the attempted to make these again  but I think I will find a seller and eat a proper one first. But at least I tried!

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