Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Things I Have Bought Vol #2

Things I Have Bought Vol #2

Welcome back to another installment of me talking about things I have purchased! Haha-trust me I have bought some really neat items for you to take a look at!

1. Washi Tape: Omiyage & WashiWishes
Let me start off with before I joined Etsy I had never heard of Washi Tape. Basically it is a transparent masking tape-super friendly to use and if you are into scrap booking or other paper crafts they add a nice touch to your items. I have purchased these tapes from (a Canadian Seller) as well as WashiWishes on Etsy. Both sellers shipped quick and the tapes were perfect!  Make sure to grab yourself at least one roll!

Not something I would have ever thought to be on Etsy, but there is-TEA! This isn't just regular tea either, it is hand blended by Tim, the Teaman! I purchased 25 bags of the English Breakfast and let me tell you it is fantastic, fresh and strong! I have a thing, I need the strong tea-let it sit for an hour with two bags in and boom I'm set!

3. Card Holder: Turquoise Business Card Holder by MoreThanColors
I was surfing around the BNS/BNRs of Etsy and I came across these Coloured/stained Glass business holders. I really like business cards and why shouldn't I display mine in something as grand as this! It was one of my higher purchases on Etsy and it was so worth it. Not only did Michelle customize the colour for me, it arrived quickly and in extra-extra bubble wrap to avoid breakage. And the turquoise holder has become one of her most popular colours for the business card holders. I take this one to craft shows to hold my cards and people comment on it all the time :)

4. Makeup: Midnight Kiss Mineral Eye Shadow by RedeemingBeauty

That is one thing I like about being involved in BNS or BNRs is you get to purchase other items and sometimes you find ones that really suit you! I purchased some All Natural/Vegan eye Shadow from Emily. Not only does she hand grind the minerals with a mortar and pestle but she ships FAST! Not to mention for your first order you can get 25% off with the code INTRO, so why not give it a go and test her eye shadow!

5.  Lip balm: Pink Grapefruit & Ginger by CHICBean
 I had purchased the Pink Grapefruit & Ginger lip balm for a friend of mine way back in December. And she raved and raved about it-so I had to get myself one as well and wow! Your lips are so soft after using it for a few days-not to mention it smells delicious and is natural, not tested on animals and Canadian made! I highly recommend grabbing one just before winter-never will you have chapped lips.

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