Monday, 9 July 2012

Story Time: Smashing Mp3 Player

Hulk Smash!

Remember that Phillips mp3 player I mentioned last post? Well I smashed it to pieces after fighting with it for three hours, even with technical support. I may have lost my temper but come on, it refused to do anything properly.
And before you think I am some kind of future anger management case I have high blood pressure! Therefore it was healthy to smash it rather than fight with it further. Hehe- felt really good actually.

Now I am using a Polaroid PMP180-4GB, which was something like $29.95. For the price it does what it is supposed to-with exception to staying connected to a computer. And that being said I can't change the music on it but for now it will do till I find something else. I am in the market for something simple like a Sansa (but with less bugs and crashing) and I will consider an iPod of some type, but I REFUSE to have iTunes on my computer.

Nothing against Apple or iTunes, I just really HATE those programs you load the songs through- they take twice as long than it would to just load it directly onto the device.

And just for fun here is what I can remember has the MP3 Players of my past, I am sure there are a few missing. 90% of these players were retired because the headphone jack stopped functioning.

Philips GoGear MUSE 8GB
SanDisk Sansa 4GB
Samsung SCH-r610 (Cell Phone)
Nintendo DS (Using Moonshell)
Dell Axim X3 (Palm Pilot)
WeWa!! Concertmaster Mp3 Player (256 MB)
Sony Mp3 CD Player

Leave a comment if you can suggest a good mp3 player!
Especially if it can take a micro SD card along with internal memory

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