Thursday, 5 July 2012

Updates 07/05/2012


 I think we are going to have to call Treasury Tuesday 'Treasury-whenever-I-Remember-Tuesday'. I've been very busy with my real job and just life in general. But here is a little update for you.

 I am currently fighting to load new music onto my Phillips GoGear Muse 8GB. Now let me start by telling you that I am not a computer novice-so this shouldn't be difficult. I shouldn't have to reformat, reset and return to factory defaults every time I want to add a song or two!!!  I don't think I will be purchasing a replacement mp3 player from Phillips after I smash this one to pieces. I'll go back to fighting with Sanyo or perhaps try out a Sony Walkman.  If you have a good mp3 player, suggest it in the comments :)

2.25" Pinback Buttons
Canada Day:
We had some great sales at the Canada Day parade we attended. I had made around 350 pins and sold about 160. If you stop off at our Etsy Shop you will find two new Canada Day pins there- we have lots left over! If you'd like to order them in bulk contact us, I will give you a discount!

Next year I think I'll go to a neighbouring city event/parade and see if we do any better. 
Oh that reminds me: I purchased a new button maker last week, a 2.25" Tecre button maker. It was a great find on Kijiji! Came with everything and eventually I will put this size into our Etsy Store. In the meantime we do have 1.5" Pinback Buttons and Button Magnets.

 And our Giveaway is still running till the 10th of July, so make sure you get your entires in!

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  1. it was nice that you were selling them at the parade although if it wasn't for one of the kids looking in the wrong way, we would have missed you walking past. :o) maybe for next year you could sell them through Giant Tiger or else contact the Parade officials or Gary Goodyear and get them to buy them to hand out.


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