Sunday, 14 July 2013

DIY Starbucks Iced Tazo Passion Tea

Last week was a scorcher in Ontario, the humidex was beyond ridiculous. So on my way home I was dying for a drink of something-nearest place is Starbucks. I figured they'd have some kind of iced coffee or bottled water. As I was walking into the Starbucks I saw this woman walking out with the most refreshing drink I'd ever seen.

It was the Tazo Tea Iced Lemonade, my first sip was like heaven! Today was pretty warm out as well so I ventured back to Starbucks for another one of these iced teas.

But it had me thinking, iced tea, can't be that hard to make these at home. I saw that the Starbucks had the Tazo tea for sale and bought one. I probably  would have been able to pick up a cheaper box of tea at the grocery store. Then did some Internet research using their WiFi of course to figure out how to make my own.
The iced tea that you get a Starbucks has three simple things:
Ice - Tea - Lemonade - Syrup/sugar

As far as I know Starbucks will sell the raspberry syrup/sugar mixture but my method cheats and doesn't use require it.

Click the jump below to see the recipe!

DIY Starbucks Iced Tazo Passion Tea
This will make a few glasses but it will depend on how strong you like the flavour.
Step One: Brew two teabags of the Tazo Passion tea in 12oz of water. Let steep for about 5 minutes or 10 if you like a strong flavour.
Step Two: You can either let the tea cool on its own or throw it in the fridge. Once cooled fill your glass 1/2 full or 3/4 for more flavour.
 Step Three: Add in two tablespoons of powered Lemonade, I used Country Time Original Lemonade. If you don't have powered lemonade simply substitute the water from Step Four for lemonade.
Step Four: Fill your glass with water leaving enough room to add in ice. Taste test and if your drink isn't strong enough add more tea, for weaker taste add more water.

Step Five:
Add in 1-2 tablespoon of icing sugar and stir in! If you like it a little sweeter add more sugar.
Step Six Enjoy!

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