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Etsy School Archive: Week 1

 This is an archive of Etsy School run on February 2014, from the Ontario, Canada team. Hopefully you find this useful reading through and doing the assignments for yourself!

Week 1 Assignment & Discussion Questions

Etsy School: Week 1 Assignment 

For those of you participating in the Etsy School, welcome to Week 1 Assignment ONE! Class is in session :))

>> Week 1 - Shop Critique & Goals
This assignment is a two-parter! First off read through your workbook 'Week 1'. By setting a goal you can improve your chances of reaching your goal and keep you on track!

PART ONE: Setting a S.M.A.R.T. Goal summary:
>Specific: Pick something particular, don't just make a generalized goal Example. Get more shop views. Set a goal more like 'I'd like to improve my shop views while connecting with my target audience'.

>Measureable: think about how long your goal will take to be reached, does 4 weeks allow enough time for it?

>Action-orientated: The goal you set should be something that you can act on, or rather be a goal that can be reached by you personally doing something

>Realistic: You can get to the store but you can't buy anything without money. Yeah that sounds good- you will want to set a goal that is attainable. Setting a goal that is ridiculous like 'I'd like to get 1000 sales in 4 weeks'. Not saying you can't be ambitious.. :D

>Timebound: Define a time-frame for your goal, you have 4 weeks of Etsy School class/assignments. Are you able to partially attain goals in one week that will lead to the rest another week?

If you'd like you can share your goals here, but don't forget to write them down in your workbook so you can reflect when we're done the 4 weeks!

****PART TWO! Shop Critique - This is with your partner!

This is the fun part, contact your partner and arrange a good time to chat with them about this assignment. You'll find the details in your workbook.
You'll want to discuss together your top 3 strengths and weaknesses as an Etsy Seller. Example: 'I'm really good at reply to customers when they have a questions, but I'm not so good at taking photographs'

Shop critique downloadable form is here


Etsy School: Week 1 Discussion

Please take your seats ladies and gentlemen, class is in session!
Hopefully you've had the opportunity to talk to your partner to do the shop critique. Even if you haven't you still have time, next assignment will be posted shortly!

How did you find working with a partner? Hopefully it allowed you to gain some insight. Often times people will get tunnel vision on certain topics and by adding another person in you get their views and opinions!

Let's go over your findings~

>>Polish your shop: Did you find that you were using all your photos, had a photo that included scale to show the size of the item, have photos with subtle backgrounds, and finally were your photos cropped to allow the best thumbnail picture?
-- Don't worry if your photos weren't 100% next week's assignment is all about photos.

>>Get Found:
How were your titles and tags? Did you make sure of all 13 keywords?
And did your partner tell you any keywords they you didn't have listed that you'll be adding?

>>Curate your Shop:
Very important aspects under this category! Did you find that your descriptions were filled out for each item, did they entice your potential buyer? How about your avatar and shop banner, when a person first visits your shop do they get a wow factor?
Filled out your shop policies? If you not you really should! This is the place to put info for how to handle returns, custom orders, lost items, shipping time frames and production times.
Not included in the checklist but what about your 'About Page'? Have you filled it out...Etsy recently did a great article on getting your about page to be stellar take a look:

>>Ship It Out! Shipping is very delicate and varied because of what different people sell and where they are selling from.
If you are able to have shipping to the USA, and international locations like the UK, you will increase your market of buyers by a lot! I hate to say it but Canadians are a little underrated on Etsy--most of my orders come from the US.

>>Price it Right- This was a difficult one to really rate it doesn't quite give you a grey area. And your partner wouldn't really know if your items are including labor and materials. Certainly if anything it is a good category to rate for yourself and may give you some ideas to change pricing.

One thing I have learned that raising prices can sometimes lead to more sales. Sounds strange but people will associate a higher price for a higher quality. I used to sell my buttons for 1.00, with little to no sales-also didn't make much profit after PayPal & Etsy Fees. But I bumped it up to 1.60 and I'm in business, making a smaller profit.

***!*!** Feel free to mention or respond on categories they you'd like to discuss and if anything surprised you about them.

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