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Etsy School Archive: Week 2

Etsy School Archive: Week 2

 This is an archive of Etsy School run on February 2014, from the Ontario, Canada team. Hopefully you find this useful reading through and doing the assignments for yourself!

Week 2 Assignment & Discussion Questions

Week 2 Assignment

 This week our class will be focused on photography. Which in my opinion is one of the MOST important part of selling online—how else are you going to show the buyer what they want.

I could write a book on all the aspects of photography but we’ll keep it simple. Some key things to think about when you take photographs:
Is my photo in focus?-play with your camera and try manual mode if your automatic focus isn’t getting the right thing in focus.
Does it show the size or scale? – Use a model or a dollar to get this result.
Does my photo of the item show the actual colours?-This one is critical, you want to have your photo show the true colours of your item, you can attain this by using natural lighting.
Does my photo stand out or make the item look attractive? –The whole point of photographing your item is to sell it, so make it look good and with the uniqueness of your item it’ll stand out.

Often the items featured on Etsy’s home page include a certain style, they tend to have natural lighting, be very bright, have white/neutral background or even a rustic wood backdrop and be unique.

You don’t need an amazing camera to take good pictures! Point and click cameras can do wonders if you understand how they operate, play with settings and use the power of lighting. Also don’t discount the power of photo editing either, if you have the knowledge or are able to learn you can really enhance your photos by doing simple things.

In your workbook there is a grid section on what to do if your photo is too dark, photos being blurry etc. It is a great resource, make sure you read it!!
Etsy UK has a few blog articles that can get you started on Photography read them here:

I’ve also curated one of my favourite lists to include some really fantastic product photography-it has a variety of items and styles. Check it out here:

Find what speaks to you, if you are selling vintage items perhaps a rustic/wood backdrop will enhance your item. If you are selling jewellery consider a clean, crisp white backdrop-to allow your pieces to stand out. And for you knitters or clothing sellers, consider adding a mannequin or model to show off your wears. One of the best things you can do is give the buyer an idea of what the item would look like in a real setting-photographers selling prints, frame your pieces and put them up in your house and then photograph them!

On to your assignment for this week – with your partner! Pick two listings from your store and send them to your partner. Your partner will do the same and now the fun begins! Part 1 is to create a treasury using those items your partner has sent you and find other product photos that are amazing. Then trade treasuries with your partner and go through the checklist!

Part two, with your partner discuss how you can both improve your photographs in your stores. We'll go over the results at the end of the week so make sure you check back to discuss!

This week’s assignment is going to be a photoshoot! You won’t need your partner for this part of the assignment. You’ll need to take those 2 listings that you picked and re-photograph them using the suggestions your partner has made, any of the tips and tricks you’ve learned from the articles provided.
<<<< Download the photoshoot worksheet:

Feel free to post your before photos and at the end of the week we’ll check out the after photos!!
Any questions, just ask :))

Week 2 Discussion

Hello Class!

Hopefully you've had a chance to discuss some improvements with your partner about photographing products, and had time to actually take some!

I know some of you have expressed being overwhelmed with the prospect of revamping your store through Etsy School. Don't fret! The idea is to give you a taste of the tools so that when you can improve the rest of your store when you have the time.

Let's discuss! Did your partner give you any feedback that you'd like to share with the class? And let's see your before and after photographs!
How did you improve your photos, by using natural light or switching up your background?
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