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Etsy School Archive: Week 3

Etsy School Archive: Week 3

 This is an archive of Etsy School run on February 2014, from the Ontario, Canada team. Hopefully you find this useful reading through and doing the assignments for yourself!

Week 3 Assignment & Discussion Questions

Week 3 Assignment

Hello Class!
Just a note that this week I will be missing in action this week due to a family emergency. I will do my best to post the last assignment and this assignment's discussion-however it may be late and be posted on the Monday.

You are more than half way through Etsy School, give yourself a pat on the back for sticking it out! I've seen the before and after photographs from some of you for last assignment and they look GREAT!

This week's assignment will focus on being found on Etsy and through search engines like Google. Etsy has a TON of resources for this stuff. It can be a lot of information to take in so such start small, rather than worry about your whole store just focus on one item (go for one that you've had on your store for a while and it hasn't sold).

The Resources:
Getting found in searches (includes a video):
How to get found in the browse sections:
Shop Makeover Tags, Titles and Keywords:
Improve Search Engine Optimization:

Don't forget to checkout Etsy's Search Ads:
You don't necessarily have to purchase anything but there is a helpful video that explains how the search ads work. And if you do have a bit of extra cash to spend on advertising you can test out an ad.

>>>Part 1: With your partner, select one item from your store that you would like to optimize. For this exercise I'd recommend choosing an older item, one that you've had in your shop for a while that hasn't sold. This is the perfect test to see if optimization will assist you!
Send only an image of your item, to your partner and have try to search for your item. This may be difficult because there are A LOT of items on Etsy--but the point of the exercise is to write down the words, phrases used to find the item. Secondly there is a longer checklist that will help you not only get better keywords but better descriptions and titles.

Once you've gone through your partner's item share your results and findings and they will do the same. You can then apply the knowledge, don't forget to use your Shop Stats to keep an eye on the new keywords to see how they are working.

Here are some additional worksheets you can use:
S.E.O. Worksheet:
Etsy Tag O'Rama:

>> Part 2: This is a group exercise that will include your fellow classmates. Post an item that you'd like to have a new title created as well as 5 new keywords. Similar to 'Post your favourite from the person above you game' We'll post one item and you'll leave a new title, and 5 new keywords and post your own item you'd like this done for.

Post a new suggested title and 5 keywords for my item and post your item. Someone will do the same for you :)


Week 3 Discussion

Hello Class!
I'm back! Hopefully you had enough time to go through some listings and change up your tags, titles and keywords. Thus improving your SEO on Etsy and the web.

Last minute tips:
- Keep in mind that where you ship to, makes a difference in who finds your items when searching. Example, if you don't ship to the US you might not have those people even seeing your item in searches.
Update who your countries you ship too - Etsy now has shipping tools to help!
- The first 6 words are the most important phrase when your item is searched for. Keep focus on that!
- Keywords aren't just limited to one words, often items people will search 2-3 words. Being specific and general covers all the angles for people to find you.

This weeks discussion is short, post a before and after title on one of your items. And if you feel like sharing the view stats from your 'Shop Stats' that'd be awesome too!

Week 4 will be posted tomorrow-You'll still have a full week to complete the assignment. We'll just end on a day in March. Cannot wait to share my special surprise :))
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