Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm not a very good gardener, but I try!

Story Time: My Weedy Garden

Kale-I hope, amongst the weeds
In my backyard there is an area cordoned off with a white fence, the perfect spot to have a garden. So this year being my first spring/summer in this house I decided to go for it and plant a vegetable garden. I was mostly mad about the fact that bell peppers (a staple in our diet) have become $3.99 lb or higher.

So I ordered a whole selection of quality seeds from Cubits, a local Canadian heirloom seed company. They offer free shipping and I had a coupon code for 10% off, which I am sharing with you: THANKS

In case you are aware I am not a gardener-tried to grow carrots once when I was a kid and some raccoons ate them. So I took the effort to clear out the back garden area, as best I could-pulling weeds is a ridiculous amount of work. I ended up with a good portion de-weeded and usable. And intended to continue the rest, then the rain and sunlight came and now my garden area is a giant weed nest. But those spots that I cleared are being used for plants anyway!
Green onion for sure!
Amongst the weeds...

I started the plants inside a few weeks ahead of the planting schedule. I started with the bell peppers, and killed them when I transplanted them. Thank goodness I'm not a doctor. But I did manage to get the basil, red kale, tomato's and carrots to sprout and are currently growing. 

The kale, basil and carrots are all together with no sense of order or spacing because I put the seed packages upside down in my seed container. And I couldn't figure out what anything was what at the point. For a lark I planted them all just to see what would grow. I got basil and it rocks!

I also started taking my trimmings, ends of leaks & green onions and planted them. The green onions made it!

Tomato plants!
My tomato's are growing nice and I really can't wait for them to start producing! Don't mind all that brown stuff, it is coffee grounds. I read somewhere that they are helpful for mulching/nutrients and my work has a fancy coffee machine that spits them out like nothing.

Next year I plan to completely dig up everything in this back little fence area, by employing manual label of my loving boyfriend. And hopefully next year get more seeds and start a proper organised looking garden.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

New Buttons showcase

Hey all!

It has been a while since I posted anything... < insert usual excuse here >. Thought I would showcase some new buttons I have in the Etsy Store
2.25" Buttons for SPN fans, just listed today!
Great set of 1.5" pins, can also be made as keychains. Here
 More after the jump.... :)
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