Thursday, 14 January 2016

Keeping up with you Instagram Account

Keeping up with your Instagram Account using scheduling!
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Being a busy person, as we all are, Instagram doesn't have those lovely scheduling features that Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger etc. This can lead to a lack of activity on your account very quickly... just look at 2015 on this blog... didn't find anything? Yeah that was because I spaced...

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What can you do to to keep your Instagram active?

  • Get addicted to Instagram! If you spend time surfing on Instagram regularly you aren't very likely to forget to post something
  • Old fashion planning, make a plan to post 1 thing a month or whenever you update your Facebook page hit up your Instagram etc.
  • Finally use scheduling!!!

 There is a way to schedule posts with Instagram using a service called Latergram! This FREE service, which also has a premium service for a fee but-unless you are doing insane amounts of scheduling and need extra features you could skip it.
Just to give you the run down on how it works: sign up, download the app on your phone, connect it to your Instagram account, from your computer you create posts use images and finally schedule the posts for certain time & date!

The Latergram app on your phone send you a reminder that you have a post that needs to be published-this is the manual part of this app. You have to actually hit publish, go through the Instagram app, pick a filter if you like, paste your text (the Latergram app actually copies your pre-typed text to your phone) and finally post it!

So it isn't a set it and forget it, but it can be very useful if you know you are going to have a busy week. For instance I had a Boxing day to New Years day sale, those few days were very busy for me personally- so I used the Latergram app and schedule posts of my products, reminders about the sale etc to Instagram- and since my Instagram is connected to one of my Twitter accounts it also posted there for me!

Try it out and see what you think of it. Ooo and  if you use a different scheduling app for Instagram or one that covers ALL your social media accounts tell me about it in a comment! :D

By the way I'm not being paid to endorse or receiving any kickbacks from Latergram or Instagram. But if they'd like to...I accept payment in the form of cash or Starbucks gift cards >:)

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